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Matthew McLoughlin's Family Tree


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McLoughlin Family Details

This information was compiled by Kathleen Evans

William McLoughlin and Bridget NolanMaureen McKay found no record of their marriage in 1848, 1849, 1850, or 1851. She traced their wedding to 1852

There is a record of Bridget McLoughlin of William and Bridget 1851. Andrew McLoughlin, my stone deaf grandfather, was born in 1858. Andrew Joseph McLoughlin died 31st December 1943 aged 85 years.

In the records: John Joseph was born of William and Bridget on 15th February 1863. His Godparents were Thomas Neille and Mary Ann Whelan. Michael was born of William and Bridget on 4th September 1864. His Godparents were Nicholas OBrien and Anne Byrne.

According to my mother, Andrew McLoughlins daughter, her father had two brothers, John and William and three sisters, Mary, Julia or Bridget and Dora. The name Theresa was added to the bottom of my list. Mary married an OGrady and bore twelve children. Dora married a McEvoy and Bridget was the partner of an OToole.

Andrew Joseph McLoughlin married Mary Elizabeth Keogh on 19th December 1891. I have a saucer belonging to the service they received as a wedding present.

The parents of Mary Elizabeth Keogh were:
-John Keogh (1829-11th January 1900) He died in his 71st year
-Anne McDonnell (1835-4th December 1907) She died in her 72nd year. Anne McDonnell came from Graigue-na-managh. Reverend Father Pat McDonnell came from the same family as also Mary McDonnell Maher.

John and Anne Keogh had four daughters and one son.
-Maryborn on 19th December 1866-25th February 1947
-Katiedied early in life
-Anniemarried a Murphy of Kilcullen, Co. Kildare
-Bridiemarried a Giffin of Tinoran. She had a daughter, Kitty, who visited us once.
-MikeUncle Mike remained a bachelor

Andrew and Mary McLoughlin had eight children.
-Bridget Christina married James Benedict Ronayne
-William married Lil (Elizabeth Lang)
-Annie married Mooney
-May married OReilly
-Dora married Pat Whelan
-Julia remained single
-Tess married Jim Scott
-Andrew died in babyhood

The following details were copied by Maureen McKay from records kept in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Donamore Par. Ballyreash T. Upper Talbotstown 8
Thomas Nolan 55 Carpenter m. County Wicklow R&W
Anne Nolan w. 58 m. County Wicklow R
Bridget Nolan daughter 24 Dressmaker s. County Wicklow R&W

Patrick Kehoe Farmer 64
Catherine Kehoe 54
Mary Kehoe 27
Thomas Kehoe 19
John Kehoe 16
Luzzie Kehoe 13

Dennis Kehoe Shopkeeper 62
Anne Kehoe 57
William Kehoe 33
Bridget Kehoe 23
Patrick Kehoe Baker 22
Frances Kehoe Scholar 15
MaryServant 20

This letter must have been written in 1903 by a certain James. Was he a priest? Was he the brother of John Keogh or Anne McDonnell? Katie was great-grandmother Keoghs daughter who died early in life. Was this letter written to Katies sister Bridget, Mrs. Griffin of Tinoran?

Dear Bridget:

The above has been written two weeks ago. I received yours of 6th May. Glad to hear Katie is better. I hope there will not be any more disappointment in getting more medicine. I wish you had let me know about the matter so as I would have written to him. I was glad to hear about the Finns marriage. I guess he is a good match in a temporal way, if not any other. When you write again I wish you give me a list of all my nephews and nieces. I am in view of sending them a spiritual insurance.

The account of the storm 64 years ago is correct. I have a record of the transaction together with other special events. It occurred on the night of 6th January 1839 (Old Christmas). We youndsters had a big party at Aunt Waters, indulging in dancing and singing. My father (of blessed memory) rushed into the house between eight and nine oclock exclaiming:

Can it be possible you folks dont know what is going on outside?

His next motion was to lay his hand on Matt Waters (being the biggest boy in the crowd) saying:

You come with me anyhow, I want to put some heavy weights on my Hayrick or I wont have any hay left in the morning.

The dance broke up and the members of the party repaired to their respective homes. In the morning my Father found a lot of the hay in Pat Harts field opposite the house, the wind having blown form the west. Bricks blowed (sic) from the tops of chimneys in Dublin same night and persons on sidewalks were badly hurt thereby. In a future letter I may give an account of other special events in my young days.

Let me know how Katie gets along at least once a month. I am feeling much better praise God for me. With the blessings of a lovely heart to all, Your affectionate Uncle

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