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Matthew McLoughlin's Family Tree


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Baltinglass Town Photographs

Take a look at these shots of McLoughlin family home, school, and church in Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow...

Antique picture of a man and woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Photo of Baltinglass Co. Wicklow c. 1890, taken from the bridge over the river Slaney as you enter the town (My dad, William McLoughlin, was born in 1896. This photograph of Baltinglass shows the village as he knew it as a boy). White monument in the center of picture is that of San MacAllister. Behind the statue and to the left is the McLoughlin shop and home. Their pork factory was located in the yard at the back of the house. The road to the left of the home leads to the graveyard. The house on the right (two white dots on roof) was the boys' National School, built in 1870. This is where William McLoughlin went to school, and where his elder sister, auntie Bridie, brought his lunch each day in a tureen (this tureen held pride of place in Auntie Tess' house in Wicklow for as long as I can remember). The school building is still in use today.

Old house as it is today; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The old home as it is today.

Old Boys' School Back View=180 pixels wide

Old National School Building--Back

Sam MacAllister's Monument

Sam MacAllister's Monument (above) and close-up of inscription (below)

inscription on monument

Old Boys' School Front View=180 pixels wide

Old Boys National School Building as it is today--Front

exterior of Baltinglass Church.jpg

Baltinglass Church (above) where all the McLoughlin children were baptised. The basin of the Holy Water Font in the church vestibule (below) was formed by the dripping of water onto this rock over thousands of years

holy water font.jpg

main aisle of Baltinglass church.jpg

(above) Main aisle of Baltinglass church, with McLoughlin windows on left side. The old main altar and the reredos are hand-carved wood. In the center and over the new main altar is the silver sanctuary lamp donated by the John McLoughlin side of the family. A closeup of the McLoughlin windows (below). The inscription reads:
St Anne Pray for Us
St. Joachim Pray for Us
In memory of Bridget McLoughlin Died January 2, 1891

mcloughlin stained glass windows.jpg